Friday, June 25, 2010

What's a Mori Girl?

Check out Valerie Fujita's blog "TokyoFashion & Art Factory" in Burogu at left, here's a quote from Valerie's interview in Japan Times: "Harajuku fashion has remained faithful to what I discovered in Fruits — the mix of colors and styles, unstructured silhouettes, the "pajama look", the layers of clothes and accessories. It's like a giant overflowing closet, from which you can pick thousands of inspirations and codes for reinventing. There are so many different categories that it's hard to keep up: "natural kei," "Lolita," "yurakuji kei", "mori girl," "Dolly fashion" . . . not to mention the Shibuya scene and other movements. Ultimately, these trends offer very rich material for the imagination and photographers like me."

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